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Life Cycle of a Healthy Website
Generating traffic to your website
Research current websites and competition
Research keywords being used in Search Engines

5. Tracking the Results of your Web Site

> Web Site Traffic
> Browser Navigation
> Traffic Conversion

SRC Web Marketing Services

Web Site Performance Report
The SRC offers four different reports that cover Web Site Traffic, SE Positioning, Web Site Browser Usage, and Traffic Conversion. Combined together, they offer a comprehensive look at a Web Site’s performance.

There’s no limit to the kinds of information you can catch.

The Web Site Industry offers a rare opportunity in Marketing; the ability to accurately track the effectiveness of any strategies you may choose to implement in your Web Site

Being able to acquire, evaluate, and apply this information is paramount to being successful at overcoming all the hurdles between you and a profitable Web Site

Tracking the following three areas of a Web Site’s performance will allow you to make corrections and revisions that will maximize a Web Site’s potential.

1. Web Site Traffic

2. Browser Navigation

3. Traffic Conversion

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Life Cycle of a Healthy Web Site

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5. Web Site Results

web site traffic

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