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SRC Web Marketing Services

Web Site Design
The SRC will utilize the latest Web Site programming software to create a Web Site that can best accomplish a client goals.

Flash Web Sites and Animations
The SRC can create simple Flash animations to enhance the appeal of your Web Site or design a Web Site designed entirely with Flash that can take full advantage of Flash’s unique interactive design capabilities.

Web Site Design

Creating a productive Web Site takes much more than just a great looking Web Site Many factors impact the design of a Web Site that are seldom, if ever, addressed by many of today’s Web Site designers and web developers.

SE Optimization and Web Site Design

Web Sites that rely heavily on “organic” SE listings for generating Web Site traffic must be designed with Search Engine requirements taken into account first and design concerns second. A failure to do so will result in a beautiful Web Site that is seen by no one. Striking the right balance between SE optimization and design concerns requires a thorough understanding of how Search Engine indexing works as well as the impact certain Web Site designs and functions can have on SE indexing.

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have given Web designers much greater control over how a Web Site will display in today’s browsers. But often, common HTML tags such as the heading tags (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) are ignored by web designers and replaced by their own CSS tags. Search Engines rank a keywords relevancy by it’s “placement” on a particular web page. A keyword including surrounded by the <h1> tag will score higher than what it surrounded by the <h2> tag. Designs should always include search engine friendly tags like these and revise their attributes (size, color, etc.), before creating new tags of their own.

Flash and Web Site Design

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your Web Site, the use of Flash animations can often improve a Web Site’s ability to hold a browser’s attention. When it is used in excess, Flash animations with long download and play times will drive browsers away like the plague.

Flash Animations Graphics
This Web Site incorporated several levels of Flash animation into the design of this Web Site The most extensive of which, is the Intro at the beginning of this Web Site While this Flash animation takes virtually no time to load, its play length could still be longer than some browsers will tolerate. Other browsers may be repeat visitors who have already viewed the animation and wish to proceed straight into the Web Site For these reasons, it is important to always offer browsers a way to “skip” any animations they don't wish to view but would otherwise impede them.

Flash Web Sites
Web Sites built entirely with Flash often offer another level of navigation and design sophistication not capable in HTML web sites The downside is that a Flash Web Site is built entirely of images which offer Search Engines no readable text for indexing. Overcoming this usually requires the additional cost of building a “mirror” HTML Web Site that can be effectively indexed by Search Engines. Another option is to “chop” your Flash Web Site into pieces that can be imported by individual HTML pages. The HTML pages can then be optimized for Search Engines.

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium and Web Site Design

The Internet is constantly evolving, embracing new technologies and divorcing old ones. Web Sites utilizing new technologies that are not supported by current web browsers prove to frustrating for browsers and those using old ones fail to display properly and are invariably bypassed by browsers and Search Engines alike. Owners and developers must continue to update Web Sites so that meet the current standards while taking advantage of all the new opportunities being developed.

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