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Life Cycle of a Healthy Website
Generating traffic to your website
Research current websites and competition
Research keywords being used in Search Engines

3. Web Site Design & Content Development

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> Web Site Design
> Web Site Copy Writing

SRC Web Marketing Services

Web Site Design & Development
The SRC can build a new Web Site or revise an existing Web Site based solely on client input or including the SRCs participation in the development and implementing of a complete Web Site strategy.

Answering the needs of an “active” audience.

Rather than waiting passively to be introduced to your message through traditional marketing efforts, people using the Internet are now actively searching for products, services, and information. A Web Site must quickly convince browsers that they have found what they were looking for or they will quickly go looking elsewhere.

When browsers arrive at a Web Site they are often looking for the keywords they’ve used in their search engine queries. So it is important that keywords appear regularly and prominently on relevant pages throughout a Web Site in the following three areas.

1. Web Site Outline and Navigation

2. Web Site Design

3. Web Site Copy Writing

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Life Cycle of a Healthy Web Site

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Web Site Strategy

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