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Life Cycle of a Healthy Website
Generating traffic to your website
Research current websites and competition
Research keywords being used in Search Engines

1. Developing a Web Site Strategy

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> Keyword Research
> Web Site Strategy

SRC Web Marketing Services

Keyword List Development
Following input from the client, the SRC will thoroughly investigate all possible keywords and phrases that might be used by the target audience and develop a final Keyword List to be used throughout a Web Site’s development.

Keyword Research and List Development

Developing an accurate Keyword List is a critical step if you are creating a Web Site that will rely on Search Engines for generating either “organic” or pay-per-click traffic to a Web Site. Keyword research also plays an important role in a Web Site’s design, navigation, and overall content.

What are Keywords?

These are the words and phrases used by browsers when using Search Engines. Search Engines then use those keywords to generate a list of results with links to web sites where those keywords appear most relevant.

Keyword Research Tool Overture

Keyword Popularity

To find out which keywords are being used by your target audience, you can use tools like Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool. Enter keywords you believe your audience would use and Overture will let you know how many times over the past month that keyword was used. More importantly, they will provide you with similar keywords and keyword phrases. Following this trail can often lead to categories of keywords you may have overlooked.

Regional Keywords

Be aware not only of “how” browsers are searching, but also from where they are searching. In an effort to receive more targeted results, browsers will often include geographic keywords in their searches. Developing a keyword list that takes into account regional keywords can effectively cut the number of web sites you are competing with for SE results and at that the same time deliver more qualified traffic to your Web Site

Keyword List Development

Once you have determined which keywords and phrases are being used, you can develop a hierarchy of keywords and phrases. This keyword list should be used extensively throughout a Web Site for things like Search Engine Optimization and Pay/Click Campaigns, developing Web Site navigation, design, and content, and for determining Web Site success.

Vertical Keyword Categories

Seldom will one category of related keywords cover all the ways your target audience may be trying to find you. For this reason it is important to identify the vertical categories (regional categories are the most common) and develop areas on your Web Site specific to each. Combining these categories on one page will only cut the relevancy of each category in half when indexed by a Search Engine.

Know How Browsers Search


Combining keywords is a powerful technique in Search Engine Optimization. Most browsers (81%) are using more than one word when conducting online searches. 49% of browsers are entering 3 words or more. The trend seems to be that browsers are getting more sophisticated in how they conduct their searches. They are realizing that one word searches do not deliver very specific results and quickly discover how to get more relevant search results. Below is a chart showing how many keywords browsers are entering in a search engine when conducting searches.


Below is an example of a keyword list created for this page. If you would like help researching and developing a keyword list for your website please contact us.

Keyword List


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Life Cycle of a Healthy Web Site

1. Web Site Strategy

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Web Site Strategy

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