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Life Cycle of a Healthy Website
Generating traffic to your website
Research current websites and competition
Research keywords being used in Search Engines

1. Developing a Web Site Strategy

> Internet Research
> Keyword Research
> Web Site Strategy

SRC Web Marketing Services

Web Site Strategy Development
The SRC can provide a complete Web Site strategy based on client input, internet research and keyword list development.

Know the Internet waters you’re swimming in.

Will you be facing stiff competition from existing web sites competing for the same audience or will your Web Site presence be unique enough to significantly lower the amount of competition?

Is your target audience already searching for your product or service on the Internet or will you have to employ other marketing efforts to generate traffic?

What type of Web Site will allow you to best take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet?

These are all questions that should be answered before you begin trying to build a Web Site We believe working through the following three initial stages will give you the best chance at building a productive Web Site

1. Internet Research

2. Keyword Research

3. Web Site Strategy

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Life Cycle of a Healthy Web Site

1. Web Site Strategy

Internet Research

Keyword Research

Web Site Strategy

2. Web Site Traffic

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